HMIS RFP Information


State of Colorado Homeless Management Information System's (HMIS) RFP Information:

PURPOSE: To implement an HMIS which supports standardized data collection across the State of Colorado (Balance of the State, Metro Denver Homeless Initiative, and Pikes Peak Continuum of Care) resulting in reduced duplication, streamlined access to services, interface with other data systems to provide a more comprehensive picture of homelessness, robust system reporting to provide data to inform local and statewide decisions, and is value added for agency’s using the system.

WHAT: A Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is required by Federal agencies including HUD, HHS, VA and USICH to capture service information and outcome data regarding households experiencing homelessness. The current HMIS system under Adsystech/AES has been in place since 2011. The vendor is supporting data collection and reporting for the three Colorado Continuums of Care (Balance of State, El Paso County, and Metro Denver Homeless Initiative).

WHY: The three Colorado COCs grew the capacity and reliance on HMIS data when we implemented with the current vendor in 2011. The data needs of our state to address the problem of homelessness have continued to grow over the past few years and it is time to evaluate our database and processes’ ability to meet those needs. To this end, all three COCs have agreed to RFP the HMIS system.

HOW: The challenge in Colorado is to design an integrated system for efficiently coordinating the data collection, analysis, sharing and reporting needed to deliver services for those experiencing homelessness and at-risk populations across the state.

NOTE: The proposed timeline is a working document and will be adjusted as needed. A change in HMIS vendors will require additional resources as well as stakeholder time and effort. Moving from one system to another will involve migration of data from one system to another which may involve a number of months.
To ensure everyone is receiving the same information across the State, and has the ability to provide feedback, all RFP related materials can be found at The mentioned Colorado HMIS website is the HMIS webpage for Balance of State and Metro Denver Homeless Initiative COCs, and is only being used in our community for the RFP information.

All El Paso County/Colorado Springs HMIS forms, documentation, trainings, and reports are still found at




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